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Mission of the Fondation Physio Extra–Fondation-pédiatrieFondation-pédiatrie

The mission of the Fondation Physio Extra (FPE) is to improve access to private physical therapy and mental health services for adults and children with specific needs.

Values of the Fondation Physio Extra

All Board members’ actions will reflect the FPE’s core values of:


The FPE, in collaboration with Physio Extra (PE), strives to provide assistance to people who don’t have the financial means to handle life’s curveballs with dignity. This is why the Fondation offers support to as many people as possible, within the limits of its resources.


The FPE approaches everything—even serious illnesses and disabilities—with optimism and a positive attitude. For the FPE, “adding a little sunshine to patients’ lives” is a good first step toward recovery.


Under no circumstances does the FPE intervene in a client’s treatment. Cases are assessed and support is granted in an impartial manner.

Although a separate entity from PE, the FPE is nonetheless run by PE’s employees and consultants, who make up the Executive Committee. The supporters who raise, collect, and distribute funds are the clinics’ employees and clients.


Each clinic holds a number of fundraising activities throughout the year (i.e., raffles, auctions, benefit dinners, sponsored sporting events, etc.). Other organizations with bigger budgets, such as the Canadian Cancer Society, are also solicited to ensure people suffering from such diseases are able to receive care that is not covered by the public health system. Special attention is given to donor recognition.

Funding applications are submitted directly by the clients. When financial issues get in the way of their recovery, clients can submit an application, but they will have to be sponsored by either an employee or a consultant. Only one application per year per sponsor will be accepted.

An annual calendar of activities will be created and distributed, and will include the following recurring activities:

  • One or two annual network activities – Poker tournament + others
  • Fundraising initiatives with suppliers
  • Regular donation requests and surveys sent by email
  • Special requests sent to clients who recovered exceptionally well; they can donate directly through the website
  • Each clinic’s annual activity benefiting the FPE
  • Sponsored sporting events
    • Bike tour of the clinics, charity runs where employees do the run and ask sponsors for donations

All funds will be granted in accordance with terms (to be determined) that include, among other things, how the monies will be allocated, how the clients’ images and testimonials will be used.

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