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Claude-Marie Boudreau

Clinic:Laval • Sainte-Dorothée
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Claude-Marie is a licensed physiotherapist from the McGill University and a member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec since 1983.

  • Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation
  • Incontinence and genital pain (women)
  • Pregnancy (perinatality)
  • Post-delivery abdominal rehabilitation (Bellies inc. Ont.)
  • Demystifying pudendal neuralgia (Stéphanie Pendergast and Elizabeth Rummer, PT)
  • Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation / Perineal pain (OPPQ)
  • Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation in Canada: from research to clinical practice (Université de Montréal)
  • Perineal pain and pelvic: physiotherapy intervention, advanced PPR training (Chantal Dumoulin, pht)
  • The basin (Académie Still)
  • Perineal rehabilitation I and II (Uro-Santé)
  • Chronic pelvic pain: an interrelationship of Musculoskeletal and visceral (Claudia Brown, PT)
  • Special consideration for caesarian section: preparing for and recovering from belly birth (Katie Kelly, PT)
  • Yoga and the pelvic floor (Diana Perez, pht)
  • Motor control training for low back and pelvic pain: assessment and training (Paul Hodges, PT)
  • The Brain, Mind and Body in Chronic Pelvic Pain from neuromuscular system to the Neuromatrix (Lorimer Mosely and Paul Hodges, PT)
  • Diagnosis of mechanical back pain subgroups and stability retraining of lumbar spine (Sean Gibbons, PT)
  • Exercise and motor control: integrating the lumbopelvic (Linda Joy-Lee)