About Us

Physio Extra, in operation since 1997

Founded in 1997 by physiotherapist Alain Racine, Physio Extra is now one of Quebec’s largest networks of private physical therapy clinics, employing over 250 staff and consultants in 14 clinics throughout Montreal, Laval, and the North and South Shores.

Physio Extra’s mission is to actively contribute to the community’s well being by providing clients with services and advice to improve their overall health.

The Physio Extra team is fully committed to working with its partners to offer top quality services, with passion and efficiency.

We understand that every person is unique, so all our treatment plans are personalized and adapted to the changing needs of patients. The latter are guided through an exercise program tailored to their condition and are encouraged to continue the therapy at home. At Physio Extra, we take a proactive approach to therapy, in which patients commit to taking an active part in their recovery. Attitude, motivation, and hard work—these are the keys to their healing. Everything we do focuses on supporting our patients, because their goal is our goal: a full and speedy recovery.

We want to continue to be a reliable resource for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders for our patients and for the professionals who refer them to us.