Kinesiology: Prevention, treatment, performance

According to the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec, a kinesiologist is a health professional specialized in physical activity (hence the name kinesiologist), who uses movement for the purposes of prevention, treatment, and performance. At Physio Extra, all our kinesiologists are Fédération members.

Kinesiologists work closely with many other professionals, on several levels. For example, patients who want to maintain the progress they’ve made after completing physiotherapy will often turn to kinesiologists. They are also very involved with patients in the return-to-work  or occupational therapy for mental health programs, since there is considerable evidence that physical reactivation combined with a healthy lifestyle have a positive impact on mental health (reduced stress, better quality sleep, greater self-confidence and quality of life, etc.).

Our kinesiologists can also help people who want:

  • an assessment of their fitness level;
  • to work out in a safe environment, under the supervision of a health professional;
  • to optimize their athletic performance;
  • to get back into shape, lose weight, improve their cardiovascular endurance, increase muscle strength, etc.;
  • to protect themselves against certain health problems, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome (syndrome X), cardiovascular disorders, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, etc.;
  • technical and motivational support during training (personal trainer).

The first session is a 60-minute evaluation during which you and the kinesiologist will determine your needs and training goals. Your personalized exercise program will be given and explained to you at your next appointment. As necessary, this plan is prepared together with your physiotherapist to ensure it complies with your medical restrictions. Your kinesiologist will attend your first few workout sessions to provide any technical support and motivation you need, until you’re fully able to do the exercises on your own.

All our clinics have fitness equipment, which means our clients can do their exercises in a stimulating, accessible, and safe environment. Some clinics also have corporate deals with reputable gyms. A discount is offered to all Physio Extra patients who would like to become gym members (upon request).

Our kinesiologists are committed to offering you the best possible advice to help you manage your health. So come meet the team and take the first step towards greater well-being!