Why PhysioExtra?

Our services to insurers

Since 2003, PhysioExtra has treated more than 10,000 workers, becoming the benchmark for return-to-work programs. We accept mandates from the CNESST, the SAAQ, private insurers and private employers. Find out how our high return-to-work success rate can save you time and money!

What services are offered?

With nearly 20 years of expertise in return-to-work programs and more than 10,000 workers having benefited from our services, PhysioExtra has become a strategic partner for government agencies, insurers and employers as well as a key resource for patients on sick leave.

Our action based on the latest evidence, our deep understanding of the issues experienced by rehabilitation counsellors and the expertise of our professionals translates into a high success rate in returns to work.

We can intervene at all stages of a return-to-work process including:

A comprehensive and integrated treatment approach

Our approach combines both rehabilitation services and support in the workplace or at home, whether virtual or in person. We are able to put in place the skills and tools necessary for a rapid and successful intervention:

  • Specialized and trained teams in persistent disability
  • Demedicalized rehabilitation facilities
  • Over 30 educational and activation workshop topics available based on participants' interests and needs
  • Weekly interdisciplinary team meetings
  • Meetings and team interventions with the participant

A simplified path for advisors

Our services to insurers also provide a simplified path for advisors, allowing them to manage actions and optimize investments:

  • Accurate, detailed and easy-to-read reports
  • Enumeration of disability maintenance factors by importance
  • Frequent follow-ups with rehabilitation counsellors.
  • Efficient telephone appointment scheduling system, which allows rehabilitation counsellors to reduce management time.

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For more information, contact our various rehabilitation services coordinators in the network

Several clinics in the regions listed below have specialized on-site offerings, but procedures may be held at other network clinics or remotely via teleconsultation.

Physical and mental health

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Laurentian Region

Lanaudière Region

Montérégie Region

Functional Capacity Development Program

Montréal Region

Laurentian Region

Lanaudière Region

Région de la Montérégie et de la Mauricie


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