Why PhysioExtra?

Our board of directors

The strength of PhysioExtra Group lies in the professionalism and collaborative spirit between passionate people with deep convictions. Our network can count on a distinguished board of directors composed of 9 internal and external administrators who ensure professional and ethical overviews.

The board of directors of PhysioExtra Group is composed of the following directors:

  • Chairman of the Board
  • 6 internal administrators working full time at PhysioExtra
  • 2 external directors acting as committee chairs

Our chairman

Michel Clair
Michel Clair
The Chairman of the Board of PhysioExtra Group has distinguished himself during a long career in the field of health and politics in Quebec. From lawyer to legal aid to a Minister with three portfolios within the government of René Lévesque, Michel Clair has also been Deputy Minister, Executive Vice President of Hydro-Québec and President of numerous committees and commissions, including the famous Clair Commission on Health and Social Services in 2000.

Our external administrators

Hélène Lee-GosselinHélène Lee-Gosselin

  • Chair of the Human Resources Committee of PhysioExtra Group
  • Associate Professor, Université Laval, Department of Management
  • Trainer and facilitator, College of Corporate Directors

Marianne Le RouxMarianne Le Roux

  • Chair of the Financial Audit and Risk Management Committee of PhysioExtra Group
  • Director of Development, GBSI
  • Director, CIUSSS du Nord-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
  • President, Virtus Consulting Inc.

Internal administrators

Pascal Gagnon
President and CEO

Marco Raffis
Marketing and Communications Director

Nicolas Canigiani
Director of Corporate Development and Infrastructure

Nicolas Dargis
Director of Administration and Finance

Mickaël Vachon
Medical Director, Health and Innovation and Community of Practice Leader in Rehabilitation

Simon Desrosiers
Clinical Director

Contact details

Toll free: 1 855 743.9872
Fax: 514 383.1735

Head office
8560, rue Saint-Hubert, # 400
Montréal QC H2P 1Z7