Why PhysioExtra?

Our business services…

…for your employees

Our corporate programs are offered to small or large organizations and aim to improve the overall health of workers. They can be turnkey or à la carte, and include rapid care, preferred rates, prevention workshops, etc. Our health professionals can be consulted remotely, in clinics and in the workplace.

VIP health services for your employees

With the current labour shortage, it is increasingly important for organizations to offer innovative working conditions and demonstrate a real concern for the well-being of their employees. Our corporate agreements allow organizations to expand their benefits programs.

PhysioExtra offers a complete range of rehabilitation services that provide organizations and their employees with privileged access to our health professionals. Your company or institution will benefit from privileges that are highly incentive-based, including:

  • Preferential corporate rates
  • A quicker takeover by our professionals
  • Care programs adapted to your work environment
  • Conferences on health and other issues
  • Prevention workshops
  • And much more!

Goals that benefit everyone

A strong benefits program is part of a winning human resources strategy. It's a recognized fact that these types of programs help attract and retain employees. Contact us today to discover the many benefits available to you:

  1. Decrease in disability cases or days of absence from work due to a physical or mental disorder
  2. Improve productivity at work
  3. Increase your attractiveness as an employer and as an experiential health offering
  4. Enhance the physical and mental well-being of employees at work through better overall health, etc.

Companies that trust us

Whether you are an SME or a large company, our corporate agreements are an essential advantage for your employees. This is why many organizations already call upon PhysioExtra to create a program tailored to their needs.

Here are some  of our clients:

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