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Our clinic offers rehabilitation services in persistent pain and mental health. These interdisciplinary rehabilitation services are intended for clients who have suffered physical or mental health damage leading to disabilities and prolonged work stoppage.

Our approach advocates more activation and education thanks to an interdisciplinary collaboration between the treatment team, the client and the other professionals involved in the medical file. The final goal is to promote the development of work capacities or reach a level of employability with active symptomatology management while addressing psychosocial factors.

Most of our second-line customers come from the disability departments of various private and public insurers to allow resumption of current activities with a view to reintegration into work in the short or medium term.

Our therapists work with you to provide the best possible care and maximize your quality of life. Looking forward!

Joany Lauzon Beaulieu, Clinical director

The team at PhysioExtra Blainville-Nord

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