Physiotherapy following a workplace accident (CNESST, formerly CSST) or a traffic accident (SAAQ)

At PhysioExtra, we provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and acupuncture treatments that are covered* and paid for directly by the CNESST (formerly the CSST) and the SAAQ. Whether you have been involved in a workplace accident or a motor vehicle accident, our professionals have the advanced expertise in rehabilitation (physiotherapy and occupational therapy) that you need. Our team of skilled, empathetic professionals will quickly take charge of your case and provide you with an unequalled personalized care experience.

*Some fees may be required depending on the service and/or clinic.

The interdisciplinary treatment approach that PhysioExtra has developed over the years has proven its effectiveness in promoting a full, lasting recovery. Throughout your treatment, we team up with you, your physician, your claims counsellor and your employer to provide the optimal conditions for your treatment and rehabilitation, including the communication and trust that are essential ingredients for a prompt recovery.

To begin your physiotherapy, occupational therapy or acupuncture treatments, complete the following three steps.

Step 1

If you are involved in a workplace accident, you must provide us with the claim number issued by the CNESST. If you do not already have a CNESST claim number, you must fill out a Worker’s Claim form, which you can download here. (You can also fill this form out during your first appointment at our clinic. Please allow the necessary time.)

If you are involved in a traffic accident, you must provide us with your SAAQ claim number. If you do not already have an SAAQ claim number, you must either telephone the SAAQ at 1 888 810-2525 or report the accident on line.

Step 2

See a physician to obtain an assessment of your condition and a medical prescription for physiotherapy treatments (your physician may also prescribe occupational therapy or acupuncture, if he or she deems it necessary for your recovery).

Étape 3

Contact the PhysioExtra clinic closest to you (find it online), and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s time for you to focus on your rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Do I have to make any payments for my physiotherapy/occupational therapy treatments?

Your treatments are 100% paid for by the CNESST or the SAAQ. You will not have to pay any costs.

2 – I have been involved in a traffic accident. For how many physiotherapy sessions am I covered?

You are entitled to 20 sessions of physiotherapy. If necessary, the physiotherapist in charge of your case will reassess your condition to determine whether you need any additional sessions.

3 – Do you offer all your services in the same clinic?

Yes (physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, etc.)

4 – I am already doing physiotherapy at another clinic. Can I do occupational therapy or acupuncture at PhysioExtra?

Yes. If your physician recommends occupational therapy or acupuncture, you can receive these treatments at PhysioExtra while continuing your physiotherapy at the other clinic.

5 – Do you offer swimming-pool treatments?

Yes. Some of our clinics have access to nearby swimming pools.