Insurer services

Insurer services: Efficient therapies and quality care

At Physio Extra, we offer a range of disability management services to various public and private insurers and employers. We offer single-discipline or interdisciplinary therapies that include a tailored combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Statistics show that about 8% of injured workers will not return to work within the desired window of the first three months of the disability, increasing the risk of chronicity. For these clients, Physio Extra offers, in addition to initial physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatments, an individualized approach that includes various teaching workshops, task simulations, and overall physical reactivation (not limited to the injured area).

Our mental health workers also take an interdisciplinary approach to their interventions that allows patients on sick leave for anxiety, depression, or an adjustment disorder to regain balance and resume their professional duties.

Offered since 2003, our capacity development programs have helped more than 2,000 workers return to work, with a 96% success rate after an average 36 days of treatment.

Our programs are covered and recommended by the CSST, SAAQ, IVAC, private insurers, and employers.

Comprehensive functional capacity evaluations (click here)

Return-to-work program

Our return-to-work program is based on an interdisciplinary approach focused on general reactivation, including simulated work tasks and teaching sessions, in the aim of a gradual return to work or achievement of employability, despite certain residual pain or restrictions. This approach involves full days of rehabilitation, up to 5 days per week, in order to return to a balanced life routine.

Mental health assessment and therapy


Centered on our occupational therapists, our interdisciplinary mental health team aims to help clients recover their cognitive and physical capacities by identifying stressors and factors that are sapping their energy. Clients are kept motivated by a gradual return to activities that are both fun and good for their self-esteem.

The process includes weekly one-on-one meetings for a set period (average of 8 12 sessions) to identify possible solutions to obstacles that are hindering a return to work or that are likely to cause a relapse, according to the cognitive behavioral approach. Group workshops are also offered on predetermined topics related to work, labour relations, persistent pain, etc.

Individual physical activity sessions with a kinesiologist are offered as part of this therapy, in the aim of reactivating cognitive capacities and boosting energy levels.

Ergonomic assessment and workstation adaptation (physical or cognitive)


Occupational therapists or ergonomists perform workplace assessments of the physical or cognitive demands of a job, leading to recommendations for the employer and the worker, or the adjustments needed to allow the worker to return to work gradually.

Physical reactivation with kinesiology

Whether to maintain or improve physical fitness before or after surgery, or after a long period of disability, kinesiology treatments help to boost cognitive and physical abilities and transform the latter into an improved capacity for work.

Workshops and on-site training

Our professionals offer training courses and workshops for employees and managers on prevention-related topics and on disability insurance services in order to ease the return-to-work process. Several options are available; contact us to discuss your needs.


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