Our Social Commitment

To contribute to the community’s well-being—that’s our social commitment

Physio Extra is committed to staying actively involved in the community by maintaining its donations and sponsorships program year after year. The program is intended to provide financial support and services to local community groups and athletes. The Physio Extra group is proud to be an active contributor to the community’s well-being by supporting local and regional initiatives pertaining to:

  • physical and mental health
  • the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits
  • support for sports teams

Annual Fundraising


This year marks Physio Extra’s third time participating in the 24h Tremblant events. While 35 employees will be tackling the relay challenges at Tremblant, let’s not forget the 205 employees and consultants who have been organizing fundraising events at the clinics since September for causes supported by 24h Tremblant.

Since 2010, over $40,000 has been raised and donated to the Tremblant 24h Foundation for sick and underprivileged children.


A record $9,817 was given to the Tremblant 24h Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society. A team of 22 employees proudly participated in the 24h Walk & Run and the 24h of Skiing, the two sporting challenges held at Tremblant. As intense as it may be, this experience allows employees to bond and to join forces for a good cause. At Physio Extra, our employees have an infectious energy and are driven by a desire to excel. They look forward to the 24h Tremblant event—the culmination of our annual campaign—and are thrilled to be able to make a difference, both as individuals and as a team.

Physio Extra would like to thank these ladies and gentlemen for their never ending involvement. We also thank all Physio Extra employees, clients, partners, and friends for their generous contributions.

A total of $20,843 was collected throughout the year by our Miss Physio Extras and their coworkers.

Support for amateur athletes

We are proud to offer various forms of support to athletes and sports teams to help them pursue their goals.

We believe that regular physical activity, in particular by children, but also by the general public, is essential to achieving better work-life balance and adopting healthy lifestyle habits in the long term.

Through our sponsorship program, we offer financial support to several high-level athletes, such as Olympic fencer Sandra Sassine,who competed in her second Olympic Games in London in 2012. Our own Team X supports athletes in the pursuit of their goals and dreams by giving them advice or treating their injuries so they can quickly get back to training or competing.

We are very proud of our partnership with a number of different sports teams and clubs, which involves providing athletes with professional therapy services, including immediate on field treatment and subsequent in-clinic follow-ups.

Check out the Our Ambassadors  section for a list of our athletes, and the Our Team section for more information about the services we offer!

Get active… for life!

Support for advancing the profession

Through their commitment to clinical research and education, Physio Extra and its network of professionals remain actively involved in advancing, promoting, and disseminating the latest knowledge in the field of physical therapy.

Clinical research

For several years Physio Extra has been advancing rehabilitation practices in collaboration with various research institutions, such as the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et sécurité du travail (IRSST, www.irsst.qc.ca), and the CAPRIT Centre [Centre for preventive action and rehabilitation of work disabilities] affiliated with Université de Sherbrooke, (http://www.usherbrooke.ca/caprit/caprit/). Our professionals work with an interdisciplinary team of researchers to define or validate innovative practices, or to identify best clinical practices.

Commitment to education

Many of our physiotherapists have been teaching medical students at Université de Montréal since 2010. They are invited to share their knowledge and expertise, more specifically the most appropriate and reliable techniques for assessing the musculoskeletal system (shoulders, knees, back), with these future physicians of Quebec.

Our team of professionals regularly leads musculoskeletal workshops or information sessions on a variety of different topics for public and private sector healthcare providers. These workshops are held at family medicine groups (FMGs), CLSCs, and other medical clinics, and are designed for general practitioners, gynecologists, and nurses, to allow them to learn or refresh their knowledge of several different physical tests, or to improve their skills in treating and managing certain patients.

Physio Extra is proud to support its physiotherapists, many of whom have chosen to continue their clinical practices while pursuing graduate studies. In fact, several of our physiotherapists are working towards a Master’s degree in physiotherapy or a Ph.D. in research.

Sponsorship form

Physio Extra has developed a policy to respond more effectively to donation and sponsorship requests (details are outlined in the application form). This policy allows us to better allocate donations and sponsorships in support of organizations whose goals are in line with our values, which in turn serves to promote physical and general health within the population.

A donation is a contribution of money, goods, or services which Physio Extra gives for charitable purposes to support the realization of an activity, event, or project.

A sponsorship is an amount spent by Physio Extra in exchange for compensation or exposure. The compensation may be in the form of publicity, increased brand visibility, or priority access to marketing opportunities related to the sponsored activity, event, or project.

The committee is made up of six members—three from management and three regular employees—who meet four times a year to review the applications. A project is an activity or set of activities with specific, measurable goals, to be carried out within a set time frame. As a general rule, projects are funded using monies from the Fonds Physio Extra d’aide au développement sportif.

A donation or sponsorship request can be submitted by a non-profit organization or by a person acting for or on behalf of an organization involved in one of Physio Extra’s key activity sectors.

Donation and sponsorship form  available here in PDF format.