Why PhysioExtra?

Intergo joins the Groupe PhysioExtra

Isabelle Gagné, Ergonomist CCPE and Founder Intergo. Pascal Gagnon, President and CEO Groupe PhysioExtra. Lina Khy, Operations Manager Groupe PhysioExtra. Missing from photo: Élaine Tremblay, occupational therapist and associate, and Valérie Bellavance, associate.

Groupe PhysioExtra announces today the acquisition of Intergo.

In an ever-changing rehabilitation landscape, and with the aim of continuing to develop an exceptional range of rehabilitation services, Groupe PhysioExtra is delighted to announce the acquisition of Intergo. Backed by 25 years of experience and a successful business model encompassing rehabilitation, ergonomics, and training, Intergo is a leader in occupational health.

This new collaboration is based on a deep mutual respect for each company’s best practices, in the interests of our clients. To ensure continuity, Intergo will keep its name, its team of skilled professionals, and its usual high customer service standards.

“From our very first discussions, it was clear that the values embraced by Intergo over the past 25 years line up perfectly with those of Groupe PhysioExtra, and that by joining forces, our two companies can draw on our complementary services to make an even bigger impact in the rehabilitation market,” explains Pascal Gagnon, President and CEO, Groupe PhysioExtra

Pascal Gagnon et Isabelle Gagné

“In order to keep growing, my partners and I wanted to join forces with another company so that we could continue to work with businesses, insurers, and workers to pursue Intergo’s mission of workplace prevention and rehabilitation. The entire Intergo team is thrilled and excited about this new alliance with Groupe PhysioExtra. The synergy between the two companies will allow us to expand our services, especially in the areas of ergonomics and rehabilitation services for companies,” explains Isabelle Gagné, CCPE, founding partner of Intergo

Incorporating Intergo into the PhysioExtra network is a strategic decision aimed at broadening the group’s expertise by adding workplace ergonomics services, while consolidating and developing its position in the rehabilitation market. This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to expand the network and strengthen our skills in order to better meet the varied needs of our clients.

This acquisition makes Groupe PhysioExtra the leading player in Québec to offer interdisciplinary health services for both individuals and businesses.


About Groupe PhysioExtra

Founded in 1997, Groupe PhysioExtra is one of the largest networks of private rehabilitation clinics in Québec. It offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, and psychology services. With 40 clinics and more than 500 health professionals, Groupe PhysioExtra is present in several regions of Québec, including Montréal, Laval, the Laurentians, Lanaudière, Montérégie, the Eastern Townships, Mauricie, and Centre-du-Québec. www.physioextra.ca

About Intergo

Founded in 1998, Intergo offers ergonomics, rehabilitation, and training services throughout Québec. Adhering to the highest quality standards, its interdisciplinary team of qualified professionals follows a personalized, human approach in providing occupational therapy, physical and mental health, ergonomics, physiotherapy, and kinesiology services. Its primary mission is the promotion and maintenance of the health of its clients. www.intergo.qc.ca