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Marie-France Cormier

Occupational Therapist
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Marie-France is a graduate occupational therapist from the Université de Sherbrooke who has been a member of the Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec since 2013.


  • CNESST work-related injuries
  • SAAQ road accident victims
  • Interventions - Individuals with musculoskeletal disorders
  • Interventions targeting work abilities
  • Interventions targeting functional abilities, independence
  • Orthotic design and fabrication
  • Treatment of hand and upper extremity conditions


  • Orthosis making (training given by Mario De Almeida, occupational therapist: Upper extremity tendinopathies: challenges and clinical approaches to focus on in occupational therapy.)
  • Evaluation and treatment of the upper limb (training given by Mario De Almeida, OT: Upper limb tendinopathies: challenges and clinical approaches to be favored in occupational therapy and training given by Stéphane Gauvin OT and Odrey-Ann Perreault OT: Evaluation and treatment of upper limb conditions in occupational therapy.)
  • Persistent pain(training given by Bahram Jam, physical therapist, on persistent pain)
  • Sensory Rehabilitation (training given by Isabelle Quintal, occupational therapist: The treatment of pain syndromes by sensitive rehabilitation Level1.)