Running assessments

Running assessments are a specialized service performed by health care professionals who are trained to identify and prevent running injuries. This service is suitable for beginners and elite runners alike. Whether the aim is to start running safely or to improve performance, this service is available to anyone who wants a detailed analysis of their style. Running assessments focus on three components: functional analysis of specific running movements, an analysis of running patterns, and an analysis of training parameters.

1. Functional analysis of movements

Verify the strength, flexibility, and stability of all muscles required to execute the movement of running.

2. Running patterns

Verify the execution of the running movement. Identify the errors in technique most likely to adversely affect performance and cause injury.

3. Training parameters

Verify all training-related factors likely to create or modify mechanical stress in runners. The therapist may discuss the training routine, footwear, warm-up exercises, etc.

After the assessment, you will be given an exercise program and advice on what to do to rehabilitate an existing injury or prevent future injuries, and to improve performance. The aim is to get you back to training or help you continue training, slowly but surely.

Don’t forget to bring your workout clothes and running shoes to your appointment.

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