Running assessments

A running assessment is an expert service provided by a health professional who is trained to identify and prevent running injuries.

This service is intended for runners of all levels, from beginner to elite.

  • To start running safely and establish good habits from the start
  • To treat an injury or pain that is affecting your ability to run
  • To improve your performance in terms of both distance and speed
  • To get advice on choosing the best running shoes for your level and goals

Better understand your goals and focus on the things that are most important to you.


Assess the strength, flexibility, and stability of all muscles required to execute the movement of running.


Assess the way you run and identify any abnormalities or improper techniques likely to affect your performance and cause injury. The therapist performing the running assessment will also look at your old running shoes for clues about your running gait.


Assess (and modify, if necessary) all training-related factors likely to create or modify mechanical stress in runners. During this part of the assessment, the therapist may discuss your training routine, footwear, warm-up exercises, etc.

After the assessment, you will be given an exercise program and advice on what to do to rehabilitate an existing injury or prevent future injuries, and to improve your performance. The aim is to start or resume your training, slowly but surely. The therapist will follow up with you as needed, either during a consultation for an injury or to monitor the progress of your running gait.

Don’t forget to bring your workout clothes and running shoes to your appointment.

Feel free to contact one of our professionals for more information.